The battery is designed specifically for use with Lily Next-Gen. It has a rated capacity of 1650mAh and a nominal voltage of 11.4V.

Always make sure, before use, that the battery is in securely and cover is clipped closed before use.

  • Please don’t remove the battery while the aircraft is turned on.

  • Battery overheating may affect the performance of the drone. Do not use it in hotenvironments (over 40°C / 104º F).

  • If the battery leaks, emits an odor, generates heat by itself, changes shape(swells, etc.), changes color or shows any other abnormalities during use, chargingor storage, please remove the battery immediately and dispose of it safely.

  • Do not use the battery in cold environments (under 5°C / 41º F), or it may cause irreversible damage. When the temperature is low, the battery’s usage time maydrop. Please warm it up to 5°C or higher before plugging it into the aircraft, 20°C /68ºF or higher is best.

Charging the Battery

The Lily Next Gen battery comes with a charger, an adapter, and a USB cable .

  • We suggest you use the provided Lily battery charger devices to charge the battery. Any issues that occur due to use of other charging equipment shall be the responsibility of the user. 

(Do not charge batteries in while in any aircraft by connecting Micro-USB to a powersource. Any damage by so doing is the responsibility of the user.)

The charger uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Using it together with the accompanying adapter allows for quick charges. The Charging Status Indicator will fast flash green during the quick charge. If you don’t use the provided adapter, it may perform only a slow charge instead. The Charging Status Indicator will slow flash orange during a slow charge. If the Charging Status Indicator turns solid green, this means the battery is fully charged.Please turn off the power source and remove the battery from the charger.The Charging Status Indicator’s status and the corresponding meanings are shown as follows:

  • Users can use a power bank or a car charger to charge the battery. Insert the battery into the charger, and use the USB cable to connect the charger to the powerbank or car charger to begin charging.

  • The adapter can only be used below 2000m above sea level.