Object Tracking works by frame analysis from the Next-Gen’s 4K Ultra HD cameras. You draw a rectangle on your smartphone or tablet around the object you want tracked, whether a person or a vehicle.


  • Object Tracking is not an autopilot. It cannot control all aspects of flight such as watching out for obstacles. You are responsible for maintaining control of Lily Next-Gen at all times.
  • Object Tracking requires:
    • You fly outdoors using GPS, and
    • fly to an altitude of about 9 feet above the ground before using Object Tracking, and
    • fly no higher than about 15 feet above the ground during Object Tracking flight.
  • Because Object Tracking is visually based, it works on a best-efforts basis. The drone may lose the object being tracked if:
    • You fly too far away from the object, or if
    • the illumination changes, or if
    • if the object being tracked
      • moves from shadow to bright sunlight or from bright sunlight to shadow, or
      • moves too fast, or
      • makes a sudden turn, or
      • if its reflected color is too similar to that the ground,
      • or if the object is close to another object.

If the Lily Next-Gen loses the object being tracked it will hover awaiting your next command. You can stop Object Tracking at any time by tapping Stop Tracking button on the Object Tracking screen in the flight app.