Lily is the only drone that provides 1-Year of Loss/Damage protection. You’re covered if you lose your drone! The Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan™ provides a replacement even if yours is damaged or lost. No one else does this.

Terms and Conditions
You’re protected even if you lose your drone. The Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan (“Plan”) covers accidental damage and loss. It’s included with the Lily Next-Gen Pro™ and the Lily Next-Gen Full Bundle™ at no extra cost. It covers pilot error, flyaways, signal interference, collisions, accidents, damage from mishandling such as drops, and more.

The Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan applies to only to the original purchaser (“purchaser”) of an eligible drone (“product”). The product must have been registered with us within 48 hours of delivery. 

Please visit:Protection Plan™ Product Registration.

It covers one year of protection in case of flyaway or damage to the product. The Plan provides up to 2 replacement drones at $150 each if damaged, or 1 drone at $250 if lost, for the first year of ownership as calculated from the date the drone was sold. Replacement drones will be in new or like-new condition. We will pay for shipping a replacement drone to you. You will need to pay for shipping the damaged drone to us, and you are responsible for any customs duties and other expenses in your country as applicable.

The Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan does not include:

o Intentional damage or loss, as solely determined by Lily,
o Damage caused by flight under unsuitable or unsafe conditions, or into no-fly zones, or other restricted areas,
o Abrasions and cosmetic damage,
o Damage or loss caused by force majeure,
o Products outside the period Plan coverage is in effect
o Consumers such as batteries and propellers are not covered under the protection plan.
o Products that have been disassembled, modified, enhanced, or otherwise changed from factory standard,
o Products repaired by the user or by a non-official Lily repair center,
o Damage from not following the instructions in the Owner’s Manual, website FAQ and other documentation, including the pre-flight checklist on the website FAQ,
o Damage from the use of incompatible batteries and/or chargers,
o Damage from and/or to third-party accessories,
o Damage from and/or to wearable or consumable items like batteries, memory, propellers, propeller guards and cages, and accessories.

The Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan does not include liability from injury and/or property loss to the customer or people or property caused by the aircraft.

The Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan is not transferable. It is linked to each product’s serial number and applies to it and its original registered purchaser only. The registered purchaser must be able to return the complete damaged drone to us to qualify under the Plan for the $150 replacement cost. After replacement, the original product becomes our property.

Requests must be submitted to Lily Protection Plan Request within 48 hours of the damage or flyaway.

How to Use the Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan

1) Submit the Lily Protection Plan Request within 48 hours of the damage or flyaway.

2) Lily Support will provide an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number, if applicable. No packages will be accepted by us without your RMA number.

3) If applicable, send us your damaged drone.

4) After we have verified eligibility, we will send you an estimate for repair or a statement for the replacement cost. The replacement drone will be shipped to you after your payment has been accepted by us.

Coverage under the Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan may be denied, or the Plan may be terminated or modified by Lily at its sole discretion, for any reason, including if the customer does not meet the Terms and Conditions for the Plan, or if the customer cannot provide proof of purchase, or if Lily determines in its sole discretion that the customer has misled the company as to eligibility for coverage.